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Written by Marvin Robertson   
Dec 27, 2017 at 02:05 PM

Six Blind Men and an Elephant

I thought I saw an elephant out my window with a blind man hanging on to the animal’s tail. Another blind man was tugging on the trunk as the animal shot water in his face. A third man was running his hands over the sides of the elephant. I could see just the hands of another person flapping those big ears in the air like a large fan. A tall blind man with a puzzled expression was running one hand down a tusk while feeling the point of the other tusk. He seemed to struggle to explain what he was feeling. The arms of a sixth man were visible wrapped around the far rear leg of this huge beast. A walk across the street to investigate brought me into the middle of the six blind men as they began to shout over one another.

“Whatever this huge thing is, it is definitely some kind of huge beast,” the man who had been patting the sides said. “I do believe this animal is much like a tall wall. I cannot reach the top, it is so high.”

Bill of Rights Was Limited to Feds
Written by Marvin Robertson   
Dec 20, 2017 at 01:32 PM

On this 226th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, a look back through the window of history includes some surprises for many Americans. One of the key debates was over the issue of a Bill of Rights. Some argued it was not needed and would limit rights because some rights were not included. Others insisted that certain rights must be spelled out to assure the central, federal government would not take individual citizen’s rights away from any states.

These were 13 individual independent self-governed “countries” determined to not be limited by another large government like England. They fought a war to obtain freedom and did not want anything imposed on them. The need to join together came from the threat of England returning to fight another day and retake the former colonies. Separately a colony could not be defended. United they might survive. In fact England did attack a few years later and captured and burned the new capitol in Washington. The government was forced to move until the invaders were pushed out of the USA.

Pearl Harbor Awoke America
Written by Marvin Robertson   
Dec 14, 2017 at 10:55 AM

It seems like a time warp remembering the December 7, 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor through the window of history.  President Franklin Roosevelt called it a “day to live in infamy.” Early Sunday morning carrier based dive bombers caught most of the US Pacific fleet anchored in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. Many battleships, including the USS Arizona, were sunk. Today’s generation cannot imagine such a surprise attack. No spot on earth escapes the constant eye in the sky by digital communication that brings daily news from the most remote spot on the planet.

A Japanese executive with Mobil Exxon was setting up Skype communication this Thanksgiving with the Americans in Michigan with whom he lived as a high school exchange student. Part of his business career was in Detroit with the automotive division of Mobil Exxon. During that time he attended the wedding of one of those American high school students, His first child was born in Detroit.

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